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Build, build and more build (May 2019)

There are 3 projects in construction which is always exciting. Design work can often linger and it's refreshing to have diggers moving earth and plants being planted.

1. Tongdean Ave
2. Hayling Island
3. Downlands School

Tongdean (above):
The positioning of the swimming pool was a big decision and I'm glad that we have located it off-centre. This allows the seating area to become the central feature and also means you can swim off into the surrounding planting.

The large glacial (gneiss) boulders, we hand-selected, arrived this week. Although the tricky part is to relocate them into position considering their weight! They bring a natural and dynamic element to the garden which is one of our underlying principals.

Hayling Island (above):
The site visit finalised the last details before the landscapers began work. I really like the look of this project but it will be a tricky climate for the plants to endure "right plant, right place" and we'll be okay.

Downlands School (below):
The outdoor amphithere has now taken shape and will be used by students for performance against the stunning backdrop of the South Downs National Park. What a lovely thing it will be!

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