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Staplehurst Housing

nd:studio is working with BDW in collaboration with Bakerwell Ecologists and Landscape Visual, on this large housing development located in Kent.

It is super-ecologically sensitive as the newt population are at large and the landscape needs to provide sufficient habitat zones and green corridors for wildlife. These requirements are balanced with amenity areas for residents to enjoy.

We are passionate about getting people closer to nature and away from sterile and soulless environments. We think it's important to educate and inform this generation and the next about protecting, restoring and reintroducing wildlife and wild nature to our landscapes and giving it the chance to grow and subsequently look after itself. This is known as rewilding and is one way that we can leave a positive legacy for future generations.

We often scale up with other companies, such as Landscape Visual, with whom we've worked alongside for a number of years on several other projects.

This project is currently at planning stage.

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