Designing with ornamental grasses

Grasses create structure in the new perennial garden and are a vital part of the natural border. They provide texture, movement and add structure through the winter months. Grasses (and sedges) are incredibly versatile so can be used in most situations (damp / dry / sun / shade). 

Ornamental grasses can either be used in large groups acting as the unifying element to cement the more flamboyant flowering plants or they can operate as structural elements adding punctuation to the border. 

Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln' 

designing with ornamental grasses

Hakonechloa macra

designing with ornamental grasses

Seslaria autumnalis

designing with ornamental grasses

Miscanthus sinensis

Great Grasses

Stipa (S.gigantea / S. tenuissima)
Panicum (Shenandoah)
Seslaria (S. autumnalis / S. nitida)
Pennisetum (various)
Briza media
Molinia (various)
Stipa (gigantea / S. tenuissima)


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