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Hand drawn Landscape Plan

3D visual communication

Designers sell ideas and solutions; so there is little point in having a great concept if the client cannot visualise the proposal. 3D drawings communicate design in a universal language to gain feedback and approval.

Broadly, there are 2 main styles which both have a role to play in presenting the scheme.
1. Sketch / Hand-drawn
2. Photorealistic CGI Renders [Read More]

Natural Swimming Pond

The Modern Garden

The Modern Garden is linked to the early 20th Century movement expressed in Art, Architecture and Design. The Modern Garden and ‘Modernism’ rejected the past (post First World War) and embraced the new wave of optimism that embodied fresh social attitudes and political agendas. 

Development in new materials and construction techniques allow designers to develop innovate forms and concepts.  [Read More]

Planting Design / New perennial planting being laid out

Ornamental Grasses

Grasses create structure in the new perennial garden and are a vital part of the natural border. They provide texture, movement and add structure through the winter months. Grasses (and sedges) are incredibly versatile so can be used in most situations (damp / dry / sun / shade) [Read More]

CAD Software

CAD & 3D software

Vectorworks (Landmark) has been a constant throughout my working life and is central to my workflow as a landscape designer. I started using Vectorworks 20 years ago and back then, it was more akin to graphical-drafting software. [Read More]

SUDS-garden Brick Wall Watering Can


Climate change and extreme seasonal temperatures are an increasing concern as the planet reaches a critical tipping point. The Met Office identified in 2022 that in the last decade, the UK has recorded eight new high-temperature records which is a worrying trend.
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meeting clients

Tricky sites

Making levels work
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Cookham Garden New Build Design

Cookham Garden

This family garden starts in October 2023 and is designed with a series of corten steel retaining walls that create planted terraces. A simple palette of materials have been selected to colour match the reconfigured house. 
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