Process: Landscape design from concept to completion. 



The initial meeting allows us to access the site and agree the aims of the project. We sketch ideas and select photos that capture the key features.


We require a topographic survey and architectural drawings in order to complete our work. We may also rely on third party reports. These services can be arranged if not already available.


Concept drawings include layout plans, 3D visuals and precedent images to illustrate the landscape proposal. This stage remains open until all parties are happy with the presented scheme. The information is issued in A1 & A3 format and establishes the framework for more detailed technical plans.


Outline proposal drawings may need additional work to make them suitable for planning submission. We try to keep the information as generic as possible to avoid binding commitments before the budget has been established.

D : Detailed Design

The detailed technical design explores how the proposed landscape will be built. This includes setting out plans with specification of all bespoke elements, hardscape layouts, edges, interfaces, drainage, levels, external lighting, sections and elevations. 

A site visit / meeting to discuss samples and the plans is included to confirm the final details. 

Stage E : Planting Detail

The planting plan indicates the positioning of new trees and plants. A spreadsheet schedule lists the size, spacing, quantity and price of all new plants. 

A maintenance schedule is also provided which outlines the seasonal tasks and long-term aims. 


F : Tendering

The detailed design plans and quantity schedules are sent to several approved landscapers to price the work. The itemised tender submissions are then compared and accessed to decide on the preferred contractor.

Should significant amendments be required to meet budget limitations then these may need to be charged at an hourly rate.

G : Construction 

Stage G : Construction 
We provide a monitoring service to oversee the work and ensure that the design is implemented correctly during the construction phase. 

We offer various levels of supervision:
Typically we would make 3 to 5 site visits to review the design and quality of work. Any issues or amendments to the build are discussed and agreed on site.

More complex projects (involving a larger team of consultants) may require weekly progress reviews. Visits are documented with comments and revised drawings issued as required.

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