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Site plan    

Valerie Manor 

From discussions with the South Downs National Park Authority, it was felt that the sheltered area along the eastern side of the building wing could be used as amenity space. This was developed with planting and seating space. The southern and western boundaries of the site have been terraced, in order to create a level space for the residents' amenity area, which consists of ornamental/sensory planting and also a kitchen garden, with raised beds. This replaces the existing sloped landscape currently available to residents. Groups of trees along the southern side of the site help buffer the views from the South Downs. An avenue of trees along the northern boundary create a buffer with Henfield Road.

Architect: Downsview Surveyors
LVIA: Landscape Visual


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modern landscape + garden design
inspired by nature.

Nicholas Dexter Studio
55 Canning Street
Brighton. BN2 0EF