Stuctural grass planting

Panicum virginicum 'Shenandoah' forming central spine along length of planting scheme

Young people

Hakonechloa macra  softening sleeper and gravel steps

Linear paving within self binding gravel



Site plan

Twyford Moor

We were apppointed to design a new landscape and planting design for a major redesign of an existing 1970s house set within the South Downs National Park overlooking the River Itchen valley. 

The garden reflects the strong linear form of the house which is expressed in the paving arrangement and orientation of the paths. The planting was critical to the success of the project and had to be natural and understated to maintain a close relationship with the landscape beyond. A river of Panicum grass forms the backbone of the planting design which cuts through more naturalistically arranged planting.

Architects: John Pardey Architects
Photography: Richard Chivers / ND


modern landscape + garden design inspired by nature.

Nicholas Dexter Studio
55 Canning Street
Brighton. BN2 0EF