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Historic Park Community Redevelopment

Queens Park

Nicholas Dexter Studio has been invited to work on the landscape design for Queen's Park in Brighton.

Our design will revamp the existing area, which is now quite rundown, and make it more accessible to families. It will be somewhere that children can run around, play and discover wildlife and nature in a safe, green and eco-friendly environment.

There are several sections of Queen's Park that need an uplift, but the area we are currently focusing on is the 'cascade' section, which runs through the heart of the park.

The current cascade will be restored with a new pump to circulate the water. The stream bed will be widened with gravel, boulders and planting to allow children to interact with it. We will also 'blur' the edges, which will help to get away from the constrained and artificial looking boulder edge that currently exists.

At the top of the cascade is an existing network of paths. These will be maintained but semi-formalised with a more definite route - with bark / hogging paths which lead to the bridge. The other side of the bridge will be excavated, re-lined and planted with several marginal plant species to encourage wildlife. We hope this will also oxygenate and filter the pond water, into which the cascade flows.

All of the existing planting in this area is looking quite tired and overgrown and so we are proposing that much of it should be removed and re-planted with a new mix of low maintenance woodland ground cover species.

This is a community project with Friends of Queen's Park. Our design is now with them and they are in touch with Brighton & Hove Council with the plans.


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