Our approach


Minimalist Form.
Natural Planting.
Beautifully Detailed.

We make organic minimalist landscapes, inspired by nature

Simple & Minimal Form
Although less is often more, there is a balance between minimalism and visual interest. In our opinion, the layout of all landscape design projects should be simple and functional. Taking a more minimalist approach to gardens, therefore requires a stronger emphasis on landscape design detailing and clear geometric form. Minimalist gardens don't necessarily mean straight lines. More often we lean towards organic curves which feel relaxed and natural. Minimalism is expressed via simplicity and contrast between hard and soft elements.

Inspiration from Wild Landscapes

Our work is inspired by wild natural spaces. This philosophy can be applied to designed landscapes of all sizes, from rooftops to residential developments. People increasingly live in environments disconnected from nature so it's important that opportunities to create bio-diverse space are not missed. We are currently working on several projects around Brighton & Hove to re-wild currently mown grass areas into wildflower meadows.

Concept Sketches

Organic Design

Landscape Design concept sketches:  illustrating how the landscape design layout of a typical family garden can be approached in different ways. Each option includes the same elements, expressed with varying degrees of formality. 

1. Geometric layout with natural planting
2. Sinuous curves creating subdivision 
3. Organic planting areas 

Modern landscape design and planting plans inspired by nature.

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