Although less is often more, there is a balance between minimalism and visual interest. The structural framework of a designed landscape or garden should be simple and functional with a focus on scale, proportion and repetition. 


Our work is inspired by natural landscapes. The beauty of a woodland glade, wildflower meadow, rugged mountain or sparse heathland is derived from it's simplicity and scale.

Observing landscapes and recreating nature is an approach that can be applied to gardens of all sizes, from small urban rooftops to large residential developments.

modern natural inspiration

Developing the framework

The design process begins with research which defines the goals of the client and parameters of the site. The site analysis expresses these ideas into a visual diagram that loosely subdivides the space into key landscape areas.

Drawing landscapes by hand is an important part of the process to gain a better feel of the design. These sketches are later translated into 2D and 3D CAD plans once the general arrangement has been roughly agreed. 

modern natural inspiration

Translating nature into landscapes

Gardens inspired by nature are bold and simple.

They combine local materials and plants, often include rocks and water. They are ecologically rich outdoor spaces and designed for people to relax and enjoy.

Our approach is low maintenance and low budget. 

modern natural inspiration
Modern landscape + garden design inspired by nature.

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